We provide business loans for Brick making, carpentry, metal workshop, butchery shop, restaurants, car repair, car refitting, breeding of fish, rearing chicken or pigs, producing fritters, grocery shops, maize mills, secretarial services, photographic services, producing school uniforms, small sawmills, any trading activities (bananas, blankets, cement, phones and phone accessories, goats etc.).


In principle, we give loans for any type of business, provided the business is not harmful to human or environmental health or does not involve child labor. In this sense, we do not support for instance, liquor shops, or the produce and trade of charcoal made from unauthorized cutting of trees.

In the areas where UMINO is operating, almost everybody is a farmer. Farm loans are therefore the second important type of loans that we extend to applicants apart from business loans. We give loans for a simple irrigation pump with complimentary pipes as well as for seeds and fertilizer for the crops.

Typical farm operations for which we give loans for:

Gardening (vegetables normally grown throughout the whole year). Examples: Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots, beetroot, rape, spinach, eggplant

The content of a farm loan is typically cost for seeds, any cost for land preparation, weeding and harvesting, transportation of the crops and any kind of equipment (such as water pumps and tools).

We promote organic farming: Our loan officers are educated in organic farming methods in order to consult the farmers to apply these methods. We are also offering free charge advice by experienced organic small-scale farmers.